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His Heart Is Steel, Part 18

Title: His Heart is Steel, Part 18
Summary: We look into the universe from which everyone’s favorite mechanical monster first originated. A meeting is placed and a plan is set, as we begin the series of events and inner turmoils that cause the once lovable Pollo to become the evil, vengeful villain known as Mechakara.
Characters: Marzgurl, Angry Joe, Lisa Foiles.
Warnings: Death. Of the suicidal variety. Yeah.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, all characters belong to their rightful owners.

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In the distance, Joe could see a fist pumping in the air three times across the field. The signal. “Alright gang, let's get 'er done!

They shot forward, the three of them, shouting and making as big a ruckus as they could. Well, okay, only Joe and Lisa were doing that. Marzgurl was still pulling the whole silent act, but hey. At least she was shooting things.

“HEY, BOT BRAINS! REMEMBER US??” Lisa called out. And remember they did, by the looks of it. They turned on them like crazy, and in a moment they had what had to be hundreds of baddies surrounding them as they edged themselves closer and closer to the door. It almost made things really difficult. Almost.

Joe let out a howling laugh as he hammered his machine guns and threw grenades like crazy. This was awesome. Like Call of Duty times a million. The Paola-bots were just barely being kept at enough of a distance to function, and with all they killed, and they killed a lot, more and more seemed to keep coming. Luckily they didn't need to clear the area this time. They just needed to stay alive, until they got in the base. Which they did, through the skin of their teeth.

They owed a lot to Marzgurl, as surprising as it sounded. Sure, Joe and Lisa were blowing bots away by the dozen, as they do. But they were always more on the offensive than the defensive, and as a result didn't have a ton of armour on them. Marz, on the other hand, did. Insanely effective armour, for that matter. As such, she apparently took it upon herself to circle the two shooters, focusing her attention on any bots whose shots they didn't see to dodge. It meant taking some of them down on her own accord, but it also meant taking a lot of hits. Hits she could handle, true, but all the same it was a little weird seeing her jump in the fire like that. Almost like she welcomed it to her.

Eventually they ended up against the wall of the building, right next to the door. “They're piling up on us like zombies!” Joe shouted as the three of them shot with everything they had. Indeed, the androids were crowding in on all sides, getting way too close for comfort. If they didn't do something soon, they were either going to get blasted or suffocate.

Lisa, meanwhile, was surveying the scene with a look on her face that said that gears were turning. “You guys,” she said, “Get behind me and move towards the door. I've got this covered.”

Joe cocked his head sceptically, but did so. Lisa stepped in front of them both and continued shooting, while Marzgurl got the door open and Joe hurried through. They all backed inside, Lisa at the front, until the bots were at a position where they were crowding up the door.

“We're trapped!” shouted Joe.

“Not for long!” replied Lisa, as she reached down to her belt and pulled out her one hand held pistol. Joe suddenly realized what she was about to do. “Everybody stand back!”

Joe immediately ran to the wall opposite them, pulling with him Marzgurl, who just stood and stared. There was one Paola-bot closer to the door than the rest of them, closest of all to getting in. Lisa pointed her gun with steel determination in her eyes, took aim, and fired.

Bullseye. The bot took a bullet square in the upper abdomen, and the resulting explosion was immediate. Flaming metal parts flew everywhere, and the whole room shook with the overwhelming blast. Lisa stumbled backwards from the force herself, right into Joe, who caught her and held her steady. All around where the first bot was, the others began to explode in the same fashion, just like they always did. The effect was astounding. First five more went up, then ten, then God knows how many more. The two stared in awe as they saw through the doorway only a fraction of the massive chain of bursting metal and flames. Hundreds, maybe thousands of bots could be heard blowing up from outside, more than either of them had ever destroyed at a time before. All around the building it expanded, all but covering the exterior of the place in smoke. The whole ground shook, and the walls rattled. A deafening “BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!” echoed from all around without stopping. It was beyond intense. It seemed to go on forever.

Finally though, it did die down. Joe didn't move, and clung to his lieutenant as though afraid of falling over. Lisa took only a few steps forward, shaking, her hair a mess, her face black with soot. They both breathed heavily.

After a while the shock wore off, the ringing in Joes' ears subsided, and all became absolutely quiet. Lisa turned slowly to face him, and he swore he'd never seen a bigger grin in all his life. “That was all of them.” She breathed, her voice low and just a little psychotic, “I just blew up all the fucking robots.”

“We...we better shut ourselves off here anyway. Just in case there are more.” Was all Joe could think to say. Quickly he moved to the door and pushed it closed, realizing with surprise that it was still intact. In fact, everything appeared to still be intact. This building was made of some strong fucking stuff.

“I AM QUEEN OF THE WORLD!” Lisa cheered, pumping her fist in ecstasy before dancing a little jig. “Oh yeah...that's right!”

Joe laughed. “Hey, you know you look pretty hot when you've just laid waste to an army.”

“Keep it in your pants, Commander, we've got a war to win.”

“Right!” There was still a job to be done. Joe took a look around the room they were now in. It was small, a sort of control room, with a long wall lined with control pads and computer screens, displaying a bunch of numbers and technical talk he honestly couldn't make heads or tails of. But he knew it was what they were looking for.

“Looks simple enough,” he muttered, “We just gotta destroy all this computer stuff.”

“Cool. Let's blow it up!”

Joe looked over at Lisa in disbelief. “Haven't you blown up enough shit for one day? Now come on. There's got to be a hard drive or something here we can shoot...”

Suddenly Joe detected movement out of the corner of his eye. Before he could do anything, there was a bright flash, and Lisa fell backwards with a shriek.

“LISA!” Joe shouted in alarm, immediately running over. “Ohmigod, Lisa! Are you okay?”

“I'm fine, I'm fine!” Lisa sat up shakily, rubbing her elbow. “It got my arm!”

Joe knelt down and inspected Lisas' arm. It was burned, grazed by some energy blast, but no long-term damage. He looked up to see what had given the attack. Lisa looked with him.

Their jaws dropped.

Approaching them from around the wall of computers was some sort of giant array of mechanical arms and guns. It protruded down from the ceiling, with swift movements that indicated it was attached to some sort of conveyor belt. In the centre of it, Joe could see some sort of dim orange light, which whirred like a camera lens as it closed in on them. From the walls, they could hear a robotic-sounding monotone voice.

You are intruders. Risk assessment analysis indicates your presence here is of immense threat. Prepare to be euthanized.

Oh, this is some Portal 2 bullshit, right here!” Joe quipped.

The thing loomed closer, readying weapons. Joe and Lisa scrambled themselves up and started shooting, to little effect. Even his machine guns knocked it back and caused dents, but still it didn't stop. Backing away, the two sought cover behind some computer boxes. Cover that wouldn't protect them for long.

Throw a grenade at it!” Lisa hissed.

Of course. Joe felt frantically along his belt. “I can't! I'm all out!”

Well, so am I!” Typical.

The two looked at each other in panic, uncertain of what to do. Then Joe remembered they weren't the only ones here.


They looked over. Marzgurl was still slumped against the wall as though in a daze. This was ridiculous. “Hey, Marzgurl!” Joe crawled over and started lightly trying to shake her to her senses. “Come on Marz, snap out of it!”

Marzgurl looked slowly up at him, but said nothing. Still she said nothing. She was wearing her big glasses, which Joe then realized she'd been wearing for the past three days whenever they saw her. He couldn't read a damn thing in her face.

Marzgurl!” Lisa cried in annoyance, “What is wrong with you??”

There was a hammering on the door. More Paola-bots had come, and were trying to get in. They really didn't have much time.

Listen, Marzgurl, you need to stop this. You're our boss, for shits' sake! You're the one supposed to be taking charge, not me!” The machine was getting closer, and Joe was getting desperate. “Look, I know you still have some grenades on you. It's the only thing strong enough to destroy this thing, you get that? Your stupid vest won't work with those kind of blasts! It has the power to kill you, Marzgurl!”

Marzgurl twitched, suddenly sitting up straight. She seemed to stare into Joes' face for a good long moment. Then, slowly, she reached into her belt and pulled out the last two grenades she had.

And handed them to Joe.

I...what?” Now this was really confusing.

She didn't respond. She pulled Joes' hands off of her and slowly stood up. The weird-looking machine was now only a couple of feet away from them. Joe and Lisa watched in utter shock as their head sergeant stepped away from the wall and, looking straight ahead, started walking towards its guns.

Marzgurl...? Marzgurl, stop! What the Hell are you doing???”

Marzgurl didn't stop. She didn't even raise her gun-wielding arms. Neither of them could move, they were so bewildered. Like deer in the headlights, they merely stared, watched as the hulking machinery took aim and fired, effortlessly blasting Marzgurl with everything it had, sending her careening back into the wall.

MARZGUUURL!” shouted Joe. From a few feet away, Lisa was screaming.

One of three carbon-based life forms has been successfully euthanized. Two remain within perimeter. This will be resolved.

In that moment, Joe could honestly say he didn't know just what came over him. Suddenly the world seemed to move in slow motion. With a great yell, he leapt up onto the computer platform. The machine turned slowly towards him, but it didn't fire. He didn't give it the chance to fire. Still yelling, he knew not what, he unhooked the grenade and threw, threw with all his might. It landed against that orange light just as it went off, sending shards flying and knocking him back to the ground. It swayed him for but a second. He stood up, and in a rage, blew his machine guns all over those computer pads, raising smoke, visibly blowing fuses. Everywhere he sprayed bullets, not stopping until every damn light in that room had gone out. The hammering ceased, and instead came the dull thud! of something slumping against the wall. He breathed heavy, his arms slumped, feeling numb. Well. That took care of that.

He turned and all but ran to the other side of the room, throwing aside his weapons as he did so. Lisa was over by Marzgurl, sobbing her eyes out. She was lying over some rubble, slumping like a crash test doll, stiff as a board, not moving. Her sunglasses had blown right off her face, and her eyes stared unblinking up at the ceiling. Her face was blank, expressionless. Dead.

Joe knelt down slowly and scrunched up his face. He wasn't going to cry. Men didn't do that, not in front of their lieutenants.

W-why?” Lisa blubbered, her chest heaving. “Why did she go and do that? I don't...I don't understand...”

Joe shook his head, trying to make sense of it himself. “She...she must have been trying to put up a fight against it. You know...to distract it. For us.”

B-but she didn't even r-raise her weapons!”

I...I guess she just wasn't fast enough to raise her weapons, Lisa.”

It was all he could say. Lisa looked at him with pure pain in her face, and he suddenly had the urge to bury his face in his hands. Just before he did, however, he saw Marzgurls' body give a loud shudder, startling them both. It then lay unmoving, and didn't move again. Joe later deduced that it must have been the air releasing from her body or something, and Lisa agreed.

Neither could have known that this was not the case.

In fact, what it actually had been was her final breath, in the moment where the life did truly leave her. Nobody could have realized this, because the truth was she hadn't shown her eyes in a good long while. So when they finally did see them, they saw her gaze upon the world in the final moments of her life, and the utter blankness of orbs now useless and devoid.

And for the life of them, they could never tell the difference either way.


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Mar. 14th, 2013 01:50 am (UTC)
Oh, Marzgurl... :(
Mar. 14th, 2013 02:05 am (UTC)
Yeah...Marzgurl... :(
Mar. 14th, 2013 06:24 am (UTC)
Aww...Now I'm sad...

You, my friend, are good at this.
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I should have known when I saw "suicide" on the warnings that this wouldn't be pleasant. Wow...
Mar. 14th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
That's what the warnings are there for, hon. :P
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