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His Heart Is Steel, Part 21

Title: His Heart is Steel, Part 21
Summary: We look into the universe from which everyone’s favorite mechanical monster first originated. A meeting is placed and a plan is set, as we begin the series of events and inner turmoils that cause the once lovable Pollo to become the evil, vengeful villain known as Mechakara.
Characters: Spoony, Iron Liz, Angry Joe, Lisa Foiles, Doctor Insano.
Warnings: Angst and sadness.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, all characters belong to their rightful owners.

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It seemed to take forever for Spoony and Insano to finally reach where their friends were. When the scientist did at long last stop running, Spoony made a quick silent promise that he'd punch his lights out if this wasn't the place. But from the looks of it, it was. Large double doors partially open, with the occasional moaning noise emanating from inside. Spoony didn't waste any time barging in.

Liz...? Are you okay in-”

He stopped. His eyes went wide at the sight before him.

The gigantic room was nearly empty, with only a few clearly abandoned computers lining the wall and some loose shrapnel on the floor. But that wasn't what got his attention. What did get his attention was the blood, lots of it, smeared as though something had been dragged through it. There was something else lying on the floor too, something very bloody that Spoony did not want to look at long enough to decipher. Turning his face away, he got sight of the corner right by the door. There was Liz, sitting against the wall, looking as pale and traumatized as someone who'd just witnessed a massacre. Her leg was injured, but not injured enough to have left all that blood. She was alive, which made her priority number one. Dropping his pack, Spoony ran over to her and knelt by her side while Insano looked around, inspecting.

Liz...Liz! What happened? Say something!”

Liz looked up at him as though she were in a trance. “Spoony...” And then she broke down. Her chest convulsed, her face burst into tears. “Oh God...Spoony...Oh God...Oh God...”

Just then, the sound of running in the hall was heard once again. “We heard screaming!” exclaimed Angry Joe, as he and Lisa rushed into the room, skidding to a stop at the sight of everything. “Woah...what the Hell happened in here?”

Spoony had no answer. He turned back to Liz. “Liz...you have to tell us what happened. Where are Linkara and Pollo?”

This only served to derail her more, which was not a good sign. “Guys...” she croaked, “Guys, it was horrible...”

What was horrible? For God's sake, Liz, give us something to use here!”

Linkara's dead.”

Spoony blinked hard as the words hit them. For a second they almost didn't register with him. Linkara's dead...it sounded impossible. And yet there it was. True and brutal as the rest of reality. He felt the air rush out of him, deflating him. He needed to breathe hard before speaking.

H-how? PAOLA?”

Liz shook her head, trying to blink back her tears. “No...we...we defeated PAOLA. PAOLA's gone.”

More to take in. Spoony sighed. “Then...what happened?”

It was Pollo.” Lizs eyes grew hard. “Pollo took over PAOLAs computer, and used it to kill Linkara. He really was a traitor. He betrayed us all.”

There was a hush over the group. Spoony leaned back, stunned beyond comprehension. Lisa and Joe just stood there staring, their eyes wide with disbelief. It was the exact thing they all had secretly feared could happen, and yet no one would ever expect it would. Little innocent Pollo...the shaking android he'd offered solace to in the rain just two days prior. Linkara told them he wouldn't hurt anything...and they believed him. Linkara was never wrong about this sort of stuff.

But he was wrong. And it had cost him his life.

Marzgurl was right.” Joe said gravely.

This got Spoonys' attention, as he realized there was in fact someone else missing. “Where is Marzgurl?”

Joe looked down. Lisa just shook her head and turned away, unable to cope.

Jesus Christ...” Spoony ran his hands through his hair and slumped against the wall. It was too much. It was just too fucking much. Their leader and their head sergeant both dead. And Pollo...

Pollo, the dirty traitor! The tin-faced son of a bitch! After he trusted him, after they all trusted him! This was what they got for giving a robot the benefit of the doubt. He was no better than Burton, or Saucybot, or any of the others. They were stupid for thinking he was.

We have to find him.” muttered Joe, who was clearly no less furious than Spoony. “We have to find him, and make him pay for all this.”

Liz took a deep breath and wiped her face. “He left in the walls somehow, somewhere his metal arms could take stuff. He...took Linkaras' body...” She bit her lip.

Angry Joe pulled out his own tracking device. “I don't really know how to work this...”

Let me!” Spoony grabbed it. Flipping it open, and with a few punched coordinates, he found Pollos' signature. Or at least, traces of it.

This says that Pollo transferred into some kind of escape route, which I guess was meant for PAOLA. He left the building with a bunch of cargo.”

Liz gave a low groan, trying to move. Spoony bent down and helped her up by the arm, so that she was leaning against him for support. “If Pollo left with PAOLAs intel and supplies, that means he can just regroup somewhere far away from here. He's an AI just like PAOLA was. He has the ability to start everything over again.”

So we're right back where we started.” bemoaned Lisa.

We're not even that.” responded Spoony, feeling now more deflated than ever, “If we were where we started half of us would still be here.”

Silence again. The four of them just stared at each other, the truth equally plain in all their faces. They had lost. They had no plan B, nothing that could have prepared them for this. They'd laid out everything they had on this one plan, and they only ended up worse off for it. It was all for nothing. Chick, Critic, Marzgurl, Linkara...all dead. All for nothing.

And now they had nothing left to fight for.

It's over.” Liz closed her eyes painfully and lay her head on Spoony, who in turn was close to buckling down in utter defeat. “It's all over...”

The sound of laughter suddenly became noticeable. Startled, they all turned to look over at Insano, who even Spoony had to admit he'd forgotten about entirely. He was some feet away with his back to them, there was something in his hands and he was laughing. Laughing like he hadn't laughed in almost nine months. Laughing like a madman.

Spoony stared, unnerved. Had the scientist lost it all over again? He prayed to God that he hadn't. They'd surely lost enough allies for one day. “Insano?” He called out, fearful of the response.

But when Insano turned around, it was with confidence and triumph, the likes of which he'd never displayed. His laugh was controlled, but loud and high enough to wake the dead.

It's not over, my fellow comrades. Not by a long shot.”

And with that he held up what he was holding, which Spoony saw with much surprise was a rather bloodstained, but very familiar looking flintlock pistol. Linkaras' old gun.

In fact,” he shouted, still laughing giddily, “I'd go so far as to say it's only just begun!”


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Mar. 15th, 2013 11:31 pm (UTC)
Dun dun dun! :D

Poor Liz. She needs a hug. :(
Mar. 15th, 2013 11:35 pm (UTC)
Poor Liz?? Poor EVERYBODY, man! :P
Mar. 15th, 2013 11:48 pm (UTC)
So Insano's gonna try to use magic to defeat Pollo? Can't wait for more :D
Mar. 15th, 2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
Do you now see what I meant when I said it all eventually tied together? :P

I should also point out that we're actually just about done here...there's just one more epilogue chapter to wrap everything up in a pretty bow. Well, okay, not PRETTY...but a bow is involved. In a sense.
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