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His Heart Is Steel, Part 19

Title: His Heart is Steel, Part 19
Summary: We look into the universe from which everyone’s favorite mechanical monster first originated. A meeting is placed and a plan is set, as we begin the series of events and inner turmoils that cause the once lovable Pollo to become the evil, vengeful villain known as Mechakara.
Characters: Spoony, Doctor Insano.
Warnings: Angst and violence
Disclaimer: I own nothing, all characters belong to their rightful owners.

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So,” Spoony muttered over to Insano, “How much do you wanna bet that big-ass explosion was Lisas' doing?”

Insano was lying flat on his back, his goggles knocked askew, his expression stunned. Even though they had positioned themselves some ways away from PAOLAs base, they were still close enough for the mass destruction of all those Paola-bots to leave quite an effect on their eardrums. And balance, as it were.

It certainly seemed to have her signature about it.” Insano wheezed.

Smirking, Spoony risked another peek over the large rock they were sitting by. “Don't look now man, but I think there are more coming.”

How could there be more coming??”

But sure enough, once again the doors at the back of the building were opening up, and another fleet of Paola-bots came marching out. Not as big a fleet as the one before, not by a long shot, which told Spoony the explosion had at least made a sizable dent. But still big enough that he wasn't too keen on attracting their attention.

Luckily they didn't even notice the two men. Instead, they marched right around to the left side and surrounded the door the others had previously gone through. Loud banging indicated they were trying to break into it. Spoony hoped that whatever those guys were doing, they were doing it quickly.

You know,” Insano was sitting up groggily, “I've been thinking about what I want to do when this whole apocalypse thing is behind us.”

Oh really? All I've been thinking about is how awesome a shower in hot water is going to feel.”

It's just that I had so many goals before everything went down, goals that have obviously changed in the events since. And I figure, what with most of the population being dead now and all, people are going to need folks with PhDs to come out of the woodwork and help out. An opportunity to really use my science for good, you know? Use it to help rebuild the world. And hey, I'm sure the government is in no position to be all that picky about a little thing like extensive criminal records, am I right?”

I think it's an awesome idea! And a great way to put your reputation behind you, too. ...Hey, check it out. The robots stopped!”

Indeed, the Paola-bots that had previously been banging on the side door had suddenly given a large spasm, before slumping to the ground in deactivation. Outside suddenly became very quiet, with no more baddies in sight. They had done it. The bots were finished.

I think that's our cue.” Insano muttered, standing up.

Spoony brushed off his shirt and picked up their heavy supplies. Down the field they marched, careful to step over all the bot-corpses as they did so. It felt eerie, being so close to enemy territory and not having a single gun pointed at them. Really the whole fact that everything was going just so damn well seemed eerie to Spoony. It gave him the sense that just breathing wrong could jinx their good fortune.

Ookie-dokiee.” sighed Insano, flipping open his tracking device as they stepped inside the building. It was a huge fucking building, bigger than it looked like from outside. All Spoony saw was a hallway, one that seemed to go on for miles and miles. He hoped that was just his imagination.

According to this, we should arrive at the area we need to be in within five minutes or so, provided we move east and take a left at the coordinates-”



There's a sign on the wall there.”

Insano looked up. Sure enough, across the hall right in front of them there was a yellow sign with a black arrow pointing to the right of them. It read:

Virus and hacking defense systems: one left, three doors down.

Oh. Well.” Insano turned his device back off again. “That's useful.”

The two headed down the hallway cautiously, weary of danger. The whole place was vast and spacious, but ominously empty. Were they lucky enough to have disposed of all kinds of threat when those Paola-bots were destroyed? Somehow that just didn't seem plausible.

Finally they reached the control room. It was big, full of tables and chairs that had been tossed about, almost as if it used to be some sort of office area. To the side there was a gigantic machine, jarringly different from anything else in the room. Clearly another alteration courtesy of PAOLA. It was made of metal, gray in color, its front adorned with buttons and dials and blinking lights. Behind it, a rather gratuitous cluster of extension cords were bunched up, ultimately connected to one big outlet.

So that's it then.” said Spoony as Insano stepped closer in inspection. “We just pull this gigantic plug and be done with it! Seems simple enough.”

But Insano just stood there, stock still as if he were thinking troubled thoughts.

Well, what are you waiting for? Do it!”

It does seem simple,” he replied gravely, “Too simple. Linkara said there were bound to be defenses around here. So where are they? Where's our big robot threat?”

I guess Joe and Lisa accomplished more than we thought they would. Now come on, get out of the way! I'll do it myself.” With that Spoony pushed Insano impatiently aside, and knelt down to the cords. With both hands he grabbed what looked to be all of them, and gave as hard a yank as he could muster. A loud noise, like that of a computer being suddenly shut down, suddenly filled the air. The lights dimmed and flashed, and they heard the faint sounds of commotion coming from other parts of the building. Suddenly everything turned bright red, and a thunderous alarm blared loud enough to wake the dead. Spoony and Insano didn't dare move. Louder and louder it seemed to grow, even getting higher pitched, until finally it all came to a sudden stop. The place was dark. Not pitch-black dark or anything, but darker than it was before.

Spoonys' heart was pounding. He had no idea what had just happened. “So!” he said finally in an attempt to ease the mood, “Do you think that was quite loud enough to notify Linkara that we did our job? I mean, he did say his group was waiting over in France, right?”

Spoony looked up at Insano, expecting a chuckle or even a scoff. He got neither. Insano was staring straight ahead, right past him, with a look of pure shock and terror on his face. Spoony felt anxiety rise in his gut. Standing slowly, he turned around to see what the scientist was looking at. His resulting fear matched Insanos' if it didn't eclipse it.

Oh God.” He whispered. “Oh God, Oh God...”

It was Burton. Somehow looking even bigger than he did before at the barricade, possibly as a result of being closer or maybe because he upgraded again. He hovered steadily, prompting a low whirring noise as he did so, advancing towards them with his eye fixed, going from green to red.

Spoonys' reaction was both instinctive and immediate. Grabbing Insano by the arm, he turned and ran, ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Out the door, down the hall and around corners, not giving a damn as to where they took him. With dismay he could hear that abomination of a machine following them. Burton was fast, trailing behind by only a few feet. Fearing getting blasted, Spoony zigzagged, causing the scientist he was dragging with him to stumble from side to side. Insano was talking, protesting, but Spoony didn't listen. Not until they reached another doorway, one that had for some reason been left open, and he pulled them both inside. Now this room was pitch-black dark. They couldn't see a thing. On the ground, Spoony could feel wires scattered everywhere.

Insano...?” he asked as low as he possibly could. From outside, he could still hear Burton whirring. “Are you okay?”

You're insane, you know that?” Insano hissed in response.

Well, what was I supposed to do? It was going to kill us, and we can't fight it!”

Maybe you can't...”

Spoony raised his eyebrows, for all the good that did. In the utter darkness, the scientists' expression was impossible to read.

Listen to me. Burton is clearly an important asset to PAOLA, and he was there for a reason. That reason being to make sure we didn't get away with doing what we just did. Now running distracted him, but it won't for long. Unless we...unless I destroy him now, he'll go back and plug the machine back in. And the others will fail at what they're trying to accomplish right this very second.”

Spoony couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wished he could see, find solace in Insanos' eyes, like maybe he was kidding. But he could tell that he wasn't. And it made him shake with fear. “But...Insano...” Again he tried to keep his voice low. Low, and as steady as possible. “Insano...it's Burton.”

I know it is.” Now Insanos' voice was getting all low. “And you know that I've been preparing for this moment for almost a year now. I have my weapons on me that I designed myself, with the specific purpose of bringing down these godforsaken creatures. My stuff can beat him, Spoony. You have to trust me on this, it's the only way.”

Spoony took a minute to let this all sink in. God, how the scientist had changed. It seemed even now that such heroic words, such talk of selfless self-risk so calmly spoken from him struck a chord both personal and painful. And he knew it was genuine, knew it for a cold hard fact. Such a good person Insano had become. It scared him, in a way. Because he knew all that goodness had come from something horrible. Something he caused. He didn't know how to feel about it, least of all now.

Insano...you could die.”

Laughter. Not the same laughter that Spoony would constantly hear in a time oh so long past, but hollow, empty. Depressed. “The risk was always a big one, wasn't it? We've said so from the beginning.”

No. It's not going to happen. You are a damned fool if you think I'm about to lose you to that monster too.”


Let me protect somebody, God damn it!”

There was an awful pause. Spoony bit his lip, worried that he'd gotten too loud. They could still hear the whirring, but farther off, to his partial relief. Burton was heading back to the control room. He definitely needed to be stopped.

He used to call you Uncle Spoony.” Insano said suddenly, breaking the growing silence. “Not in front of you, of course. Believe it or not, he did have his shy moments...heh...but he adored you. He really did. He thought you were the greatest thing in the world.”

Spoony couldn't speak. Partly because he didn't know what to say, and partly because he was afraid of sounding choked up. In the darkness, he could feel a hand resting on his shoulder.

The point is, you've been trying to protect me for far too long now. Wasting your efforts trying to give me something I don't need, trying to make up for a crime you didn't commit. I've tried to tell you it wasn't your fault, God knows I've tried. But I can see that it's just impossible for you to feel that way. So instead I'll only tell you this...I can do this by myself, Spoony. I need to do this...by myself.”

With that, the hand left Spoonys' shoulder, and he could hear only the movement of Insano rustling through their pack, pulling out God knows what, and stepping out into the hallway. Spoony couldn't move. He didn't know what to do or think. He could only close his eyes and brace himself, waiting for whatever was going to happen.

Hey, metal-head!”


A bright blue flash illuminated everything for a split second, and Spoony felt sheer panic run through him.

INSANO!” He yelled, finally running out into the dim light of the hall. He turned frantically towards the commotion, expecting with utter dread to see the corpse of yet another friend to grieve for.

What he saw was something else entirely.

Insano was holding what looked to be a high-powered energy blaster, with extensive wires and a big blue ball of ammo. Burton, as unbelievable as it seemed, was now stumbling for balance in the air, evidently having had the wind knocked out of him by said blaster. After a second he regained his balance and tried to retaliate with a beam of his own. But Insano was too quick for him. He blasted again, and again, and again, pounding the robot mercilessly until it finally fell on its side. Spoony gaped. He had never seen Insano so completely in control.

As soon as the robot was down, Insano pulled out another device, a sharp looking one that Spoony recognized. It was a magnetic dagger, invented by the scientist. With it, he stepped up and promptly stabbed Burton right in the middle of his head. There was static-y buzzing, and the bot began to spasm like nobodys' business. Through all this, Insano didn't say a word. He pulled the dagger out and stabbed again, this time in the center abdomen, where his vital core resided. This time he didn't pull it out, but simply let it go and left it there, standing back. Burton was going crazy, shaking and flashing and making all manner of alarm-sounding noises, before finally, finally, he shut down. For good.

Insano was shaking. Spoony slowly walked up behind him, unsure of how to respond. “Um...you okay, man?”

Insano turned. Through his goggles, Spoony could see that his eyes were wild, but oddly satisfied. “Better than I've felt in a long time, as a matter of fact.”

Heh...Yeah, you did look like you needed that bit of stress release. And...I guess I did too. Thanks.”

Insano smiled wearily. “Don't mention it. Just so long as I don't hear you beating yourself up over nothing anymore. Besides, you'll see that there are others to place blame on for these things.”

Spoony raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean by that?”

Just as Insano was about to respond, however, their focus was suddenly broken by a horrible scream echoing across the hall. A woman scream, not Lisas' and sure as Hell not Marzgurls'.

Iron Liz?”

Sounds that way...”

Another scream. Spoony looked around frantically. “Aw jeez...where the Hell are we??”

Hang on.” Insano flipped open his tracker again, and pressed a few buttons. After a moment, he pointed left down the hall. “It's coming from this way. Follow me!”

And they took off, as fast as they could, to see what kind of shit was going down.


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Mar. 14th, 2013 10:52 pm (UTC)
Awwww, I wanted a Spoony and Insanoo moment, and here it was :D Nearly made me cry with Soi having used to call Spoony "Uncle Spoony" :(

Oh no, Liz!
Mar. 14th, 2013 11:02 pm (UTC)
Well! Glad I could appease the apparent demand. :D

The phrase "dun dun duuuun" comes to mind...
Mar. 14th, 2013 11:01 pm (UTC)
Yay Insano! Kickin' some ass! And then there was the still depressing things with SOI....but still. Yay!

And GAH cliffhanger!
Mar. 14th, 2013 11:14 pm (UTC)
Naturally the depressing things with SOI are a must-have for any Insano and Spoony-focused chapter.

And again...dun dun duuuuun!
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